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Mhammad Benaboud

Mhamed Benaboud


C.V. M'hammad Benaboud


Dr. M'hammad Benaboud was born in Tetouan, Morocco, on the 23rd of June 1950. He studied at and graduated from the American School of Tangier and pursued his univertity studies at the United States International University, San Diego, California, from which he obtained a B.A in political science.

He obtained a Ph.D from Edinburgh University (Scotland, U.K.) in 1978. His doctoral dissertation was entitled A Political and Social History of Seville Under the Banu Abbad  and it was supervised by the famous Scottish orientalist William Montgomery Watt . The Arabic translation of this work was published in Tetouan , Morocco in 1983 under the title . At-Tarikh As-Siyasi wa-l-Ijtimai li-Ishbiliya fi Ahdi Duwwal At-Tawaif and was awarded the Prize of Morocco for the Human and Social Sciences by the Moroccan Ministry of Culture during the same year. An abridged version of this work was published in Spanish under the title, Sevilla en el siglo xi, (1992) .

He writes and speaks four languages fluuently namely, Arabic, English, Spanish and French. Dr. Benaboud worked as a researcher at the University Institute for Scientific Research of Muhammad V University at Rabat from 1978 to 1989 when he was transferred to the history department of the Faculty of Letters at Tetouan (Abdelmalek Es-Saadi University) where he presently works as professor of higher education.

He has published seven books and  dozens of articles and book reviews in Arabic, English, Spanish and Frensh in specialised journals (see the bibliographical list ). The journals in which he has published his articles include Al-Andalus (Madrid), Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (Liverpool), Revue d'Histoire Maghrébine (Tunis), Al-Bahth Al-'llmi (Rabat), Maroc et Europe and Revue de l'Occident Musulman et de la Méditerranée (Aix-en-Provence). He is in charge of a historical on the history of Al-Andalus called Al-Mu'tamid Ibn Abbad series for the history of Al-Andalus and its Sources which is published by the Moroccan editor, OKAD.

He has participated in more than 100 historical conferences and symposiums. These conferences range from the Fifth Conference on the history of Al-Andalusia organised by the University of Cordoba to the Sixth CIEPO coference which was organised by Cambrige University and the Second Symposium of Moroccan and Spanish historians organised at Rabat. He has also given lectures on Al-Andalus in Moroccan Universities such as the Qadi Ayad University at Marrakech and abroad at the University of  Madrid and Chicago University (see the list of these conferences). He is involved in supervising historical theses for odtaining D.E.S. degrees and Doctorat d'Etat degrees in various Moroccan universities and has  participated in numerous juries for granting these degrees in different Moroccan universities such as Muhammad V University of Rabat, Hassan II University of Casablanca and Sidi Muhammad University of Fez.(see enclosed list) .

He is a member of several cultural associations including the Ittihad Quttab Al-Mghrib, the Maroccan Association for Translation and Publishing Rabat and the Association for the Study of Maroccan-American Relations and the Jbala Multi-disciplinary Research Group (based at the Institut Agronomique Hassan II, Rabat. As a visiting scholar and visiting professor, he visited the University of  Madrid, The University of Minnesota and Chicago University. He has taught at the University of Tokyo (1997 - 1998) and lectured at the Punjab University (Lahore, Pakistan) and several universities in Peru such as la Universidad Catolica de Lima, la Universidad de Lima and was awarded the nesed of honorory professor at Ricardo Palma University. He is presently the head of the history department of the Faculty of Letters at Tetouan, and the coordinador of the Group for the Research on the History of Morocco and Al-Andalus and is dedicated to teaching and research not only in the field of Andalusian Studies but also in other historical fields such as the contemporary history of Northern Morocco and certain aspects of Orientalism. He is also involved in editing Arabic Andalusian manuscripts and translation. 

Dr Benaboud is involved in numerous activities of N.G.O. He is the president of the Tetouan Asmir Association which has organised ten international conferences during from 1996 to 2000 and published 32 books in Arabic, French and Spanish on different aspects of Tetouan. He has produced the first cultural CD-ROM on Tetouan, the first of its kind on an Islamic city in the Arab world entitled, Tetuán patrimonio cultural de la humanida.